Stories behind the image
Dividing Lines at Photobook Cafe 11 and 12 Jan

Imagination and trust

We opened October's session by sharing some recent work. Frankie McAllister gave us a preview of Bassin, a project inspired by Arcachon Bay in France. She's also curating this work as a zine to launch in January.  Jonny Baker's images were a different take on Niagara Falls as well as long exposures of star constellations. Richard Moseley brought our attention to a new photography book, No Passa Nada. Sean McDonnell then showed new street work from trips to Mexico City and Marseille.
[Both images above by Frankie McAllister]
[Both images above by Jonny Baker]
[Both images above by Sean McDonnell]
Jonny also introduced his current project on creativity and demonstrated an app he's designed with calls to action to stimulate our imagination. Each of us chose a Get... action to think about how we could apply it to our own work. 
We then had an engaging discussion on AI and photography, referencing the history of technology, examples of AI in practice and its ethical implications plus ways it's being challenged. .

Mel Meigh then presented a demo of her use of generative AI in Photoshop and Richard Baker showed examples of images he'd produced by refining prompts using DALLĀ·E 3. 
As a challenge we decided to explore this technology, play with it in our own ways and share the outputs with the group
This is an important topic so we'll keep it on the agenda for future meetings.


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