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November 2021

Get up close

Metatrichia floriformis line

November's group meeting was exploring macro photography. Barry Webb was invited by group member Ray to present his work. He shared an astonishing set of images and as he went through explained some of the techniques he uses. It was intriguing to find that 5mm he considers large for a subject. We were introduced to slime mould and Barry is getting quite a following on instagram for his photos of slime mould. The photo above is a metatrichia floriformis line.

A few group members then shared some macro photos


[Frankie McAllister macro image]

Fountain_Pens-Macro-LIP Presentation-TERAKOPIAN-004

[The Translucent Pelikan Souverän M805 Blue Dunes Special Edition. Photo: ©Edmond Terakopian/2021 Instagram: @fountainpenscribbles  ]


[Dorota Boisot macro image]

And Sean presented his third book in the Living Lockdown series - see the previous blog post .