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Ideas for 2016

At the November meeting we had a discussion around ideas for the group in 2016. This list is not exhaustive by any means and most will happen if someone in the group takes the initiative and brings some energy to an idea to give it legs...

    • Group exhibition - everyone up for that
    • Large format camera workshop - day to be led by Robin
    • Pechakucha presentation evening (20 photos for 20 seconds - google it) - Jonny happy to facilitate
    • Portrait challenge and themed evening? - interested in revisiting
    • Other challenges?
    • Inspired by... something or someone or a photo or an artist who has inspired you (can be a roilling theme and say a5 minutes of an evening) - Carolyn up for doing the first one
    • Street photography - Chris M to present and maybe have an evening on that theme?
    • Old processes - Robin to give a presentation/lead an evening on that
    • Technology - what do people use, how has the likes of phone and instagram changed our practices?
    • On that theme have an evening where we all bring photos taken on mobile phones

Visit the exhibition at Artisan coffee shop in Ealing Broadway

The group are currently exhibiting photos at Artisan coffee shop on Ealing Broadway. There have been three rounds of the exhibition, one a month, and the last one is now running. It's a free flowing showcase of the group's work, ideal to look at whilst drinking a (very good it has to be said) coffee.

bus stop by alex arnaoudov

Artisan is open every day and is on 32 New Broadway.