Group Exhibition at Artisan Coffee Shop in Ealing Broadway

From Oct through to Christmas the group will be exhibiting photos at Artisan coffee shop on Ealing Broadway. There will be three rounds of the exhibition, one a month so if you visit once come back again four weeks later! It's a free flowing showcase of the group's work, ideal to look at whilst drinking a (very good it has to be said) coffee.

bus stop by alex arnaoudov

It all kicks off on October 20 with the first set of photos. Artisan is open every day and is on 32 New Broadway.

27th Annual LIP Exhibition

The 27th Annual LIP exhibition starts the same day with a couple of group members exhibiting work.

Past Exhibitions

  • The group took part in two exhibits at the first ever St Marys Rd festival in Sept 2015
  • Chris Moxey took part in Thirteen at Lauderdale House in May 2015
  • The group exhibited over 3 months at the start of 2015 in Artisan Coffee shop in Ealing.
  • Exposed was an exhibition by Alex Arnaoudov at For Arts Sake in Ealing in Jan-Feb 2015.
  • Hondureno was an exhibition by Angelika Berndt at the Honduran Embassy in London in Sept-Oct 2014
  • Anita Duggal showed W5, an exhibition in and about Ealing Village in Sept 2014
  • Memory, a group exhibition at St Mary's Ealing Sept 2014
  • Members had work in the Ealing Open 2014 exhibition at the PM Gallery
  • A group showcase in Ealing library June 2014
  • Members had work in the 25th LIP Annual Exhibition
  • Small Adventures was the Ealing group exhibition at Pitshanger Manor Gallery. See flyer front and back.
  • Chris Kirkpatrick and Angelika Berndt took part in the London Villages Project
  • Fabrizio's exhibition Shine on Japan in the Electric Coffee Co in Ealing
  • Some members had work in the 24th Annual LIP exhibition
  • Chris Moxey took part in the 2012 Lauderdale House exhibition
  • Perception was the Ealing LIP group 2012 Exhibition.
  • Angelika Berndt took part in a Dance Photography exhibition in June 2012
  • Several group members exhibited in the Ealing Open Exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor Gallery in March and April 2012.
  • Angelika Berndt exhibited at Open Ealing in March 2012 documenting artists at work there.
  • Fabrizio Quagliuso had his first exhibtion Shine on Japan at the launch of matchboxmedia collective. Photos here
  • Chris Hirsch and Chris Moxey had work in the Laurderdale House annual exhibition
  • Lives the 2010 Ealing Lip group exhibition. See photos of the opening night here.
  • Brentford Fragments by Brigitte Flock at the Musical Museum May 2010
  • West End Boys and West End Girls by Chris Moxey at Lauderdale House June 2010
  • Landscape of Desire by Jonny Baker and Cheryl Lawrie in the Adelaide Festival Fringe 2010
  • Several group members exhibited in the Ealing Open Exhibition March 2010
  • 21st Annual LIP exhibition which included a tribute to Tony Mayne
  • Paint it White in Shoreditch featuring work by Chris Moxey
  • Lauderdale House Annual exhibition which Chris Moxey won a prize at.
  • Acton Arts Forum Summer Show 2009 featuring work by Vinette Campbell - see gallery
  • Stations of the Cross featuring work by Jonny Baker Easter 2009
  • Heritage, the Grand Union Canal from Southall to Brentford by Brigitte Flock Feb-Mar 2009
  • London Independent Photography 20th Annual Exhibtion featuring work by Ed Lee and Chris Moxey, October 2008
  • Ways of Seeing featuring work by Brigitte Flock and Julie Long September 2008
  • On Your Doorstep the 2008 Ealing LIP group exhibition
  • Champions-elect by Ed Lee, August 2008
  • Lauderdale House Annual Exhibition featuring work by Chris Moxette and Brigitte Flock, August 2008
  • This Precious Earth featuring work by Brigitte Flock, July 2008
  • Sporting Ealing featuring work by 10 group members, June 2008
  • Beyond the Wilderness featuring work by Jonny Baker, February 2008
  • 19th Annual Lip Exhibition featuring work by several members, October 2007
  • Oh That's Richmond by Howard Murray
  • Who are we? featuring work by 8 members of the group, May 2007
  • Visual Arts Exhibition featuring work by Vinette Campbell, June 2007
  • Female Connections by Vinette Campbell, April 2007
  • Ealing In A Different Light - the first Ealing LIP group exhibition Feb-Apr 2007