The group

We are a satellite of London Independent Photography and a forum for both amateurs and professional photographers. Our activities are designed to bring together photographers with different levels of interests and expertise who are interested in developing their personal approach to photography and improving their skills.

The group meet regularly and informally to talk about each other's work and to swap notes and experiences.

We recently spent some time reflecting where the group was up to. Out of that we came up with these as aspirations of the group...

We would like the following to happen...

Latest News

The group is buzzing with ideas and possibilities at the moment with several new people joining. And there is a lot of exhibition activity...



We are working towards a group exhibition on the theme of Memory from 1-13 September at St Mary's Church Ealing which we are looking forward to. Download a flyer here and see exhibition page for more inf

Next Meeting

The group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Get in touch if you are interested in coming along.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or would like to get in touch with us, you can do so at enquiries@ealinglondonphotography.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also see our facebook page here.